What services are available from providers?

We advocate to support your choice to link you with providers. Examples of services might be:

  • Someone to help you go shopping or finding things you enjoy doing in the community
  • Learning to cook and clean in your apartment or home
  • Getting you a ride for a medical appointment
  • A place to learn new skills in a small group or one-on-one
  • Keeping your job or getting a better job
  • Role playing or practice talking to people around town
  • Learning to make safe choices
  • A place you can visit when your caregiver isn’t available
  • Talking to a doctor over the phone

Each service may have additional eligibility guidelines and be subject to available funds. LinkAbility isn’t a service provider. 

A community resource directory is coming to this page in 2021, brought to you by our Community Outreach Developer. Until then, please talk to your Service Coordinator.